The sacred water of Fonte Sacra

The Ministry of Health (Decree No. 3643-17 November 2005) has recognized the clinical properties of fonte sacra: an effective diuretic effect, an ‘action favoring the digestive processes, stimulate activity in parts purine (urea reduction).

The Sacred Water, also contains Fluorine: this element, if regularly taken place, as is known, protective action on dental caries.

The minerals present in water salts in appreciable quantities (potassium, magnesium, calcium) are very important for many body functions, and recent studies attribute to the water hardness (mainly due to calcium and magnesium) a protective effect against cardiovascular pathologies.

The indications for drinking cure (to drink) with Sacred Water, consequently refer to activation of diuresis with favoring action in the treatment of ureteric calculi, dell’unicermia and various digestive disorders.

recommended dosage:

For free daily drink at meals;
For care (in the morning on an empty stomach). Start with 2 glasses of 200 ml, drunk slowly strolling, on the third day increase to 4 glasses (stop 5 after each glass), the fifth day bring the prescription to 6 glasses always with the same mode if urine output is progressively increased.
Variations or additional increases must not be made until medical examination, which in any case is recommended at initiation of treatment.